Dayak Baby Carrier (U6)

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Dayak people of Borneo traditionally carry their children in a kind of wicker baskets (Dayak Baby Carrier or Ba’ ), with a wooden base in the shape of a semicircle. Made of Rattan or Ironwood , with good flexibility, elasticity and strength.

It is truly a work of art, endowed with supernatural properties and plays an important social role. Carved with Dayak motifs, rectangular panels were carved with Dayak motifs individually, stitched & weaved onto the padding. Dried fruit and shells are part of the decoration on the side of the carrier. Aged approximately 30 – 40 years old.

Approx. Size:
Height 40cm
Depth 19.5cm
Width 51.5cm
Weight: 2.1kg (Excluding Packing)

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