Tunggal Panaluan (Shaman Staff) (J29)

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Originated from Sumatra, Indonesia. Most sought after of Sumatran tribal work of art. Used by the most powerful members of Batak community, Toba Batak magician-priest, known as the Datu (or sometimes the Guru) to ward off evil, protect their people & even foretell the future. Locally known as Tunggal Panaluan, this item comes in three detachable pieces. Intricately carved with various traditional motifs and figures, would look wonderful in your beautiful home or office.

Fumigation/Treatment of the wood certificate will be included as your copy for your receiving purposes.

Approx. Size:
Height 178cm (Up to Top of Head)
Length 8cm (Head)
Width 8cm (Head)
Weight 1.9kg (Excluding Packing)

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