Traditional Dayak Iban Bemban Fibre Weaved Mat (NZ3)

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Approx. Size: 177cm x 86cm

Newly weaved by a Dayak Iban lady from Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo). Commonly used in their longhouses for sitting. This beautiful weaved mat is made of natural Bemban Fibre reeds. It is beginning to be more and more difficult to get this original mat in present days due to the fact that this type of fibre grows wild in the jungle and the younger generation has less interest to help the women to get them. Rightly or wrongly, to help meeting the demand, many mats like this has been weaved in plastic packing straps of which is much easier to be obtained. This mat is completely in it’s natural colour, no added colouring is applied during the weaving process. The motifs used in this weaving is called Anyam Mata Ulat twill.

The natural colour is a plus because it will be easily matched to any furniture in any type of rooms in your lovely home. This mat will be rolled up for the delivery purposes, so when you receive them, the edge won’t lay flat. Placing a few heavy books or anything heavy and flat on the edges for few days will help.

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