Springbok SM (A96(2))

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Distinctive among southern African antelope. Bright cinnamon-brown upperparts, bright white underpants with a chocolate brown stripe along the flanks. Springboks (Antidorcas Marsupialis) are not endangered in any way & not restricted species under CITES.

The Springbok skull and horns were obtained through government approved herd reduction programs. Each skull is selected for the least amount of natural defects. Sizes, colours & patterns may slightly vary from the picture & description given. This is because no two Springbok’s are the same, each one being unique & individual. Take note that for every purchase, permits will be included as your copy accordingly for your receiving purposes.

Approx. Size:
Height 36.5cm (Including Standee)
Length 14cm (From The Tip of Left Horn to Right Horn)
Width 10cm
Weight 0.3kg

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