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Size: Approx. 145cm x 100cm

Thick & luxurious Reindeer hides are all unique & individual with different markings as well as different tones & shades of colours on it’s body.

This hide is almost perfect for wall decoration (as wall hanging) or even thrown over the back of chair or sofa. It is also ideal for furniture coverings.

Take note that because this hide is a natural product, consequently small amounts of fur can be detached from the hide. Aside, the fact that Reindeer fur is hollow, therefore susceptible to breaking, so we do not recommend them to be used as floor mats. Stepping too often on it will not ensure it retains it’s original splendour for many more years to come.

Please take note that sizes, colours & patterns may slightly vary from the picture & description given. This is because no two Reindeer Skins are the same, each one being unique & individual.

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