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The Pua Kumbu also known as Ikat, traditionally hand-woven in Iban people of Borneo longhouses in the interior of Sarawak. Treated as a gift from the Petara (Gods) to the Iban community and for that, it is considered something very special and sacred thus regarded as a symbol of a cultural identity for them. Symbolically potrays an aspect of Iban cultural indentity through its unique motifs and colours.

In the past, weaving determined the status and ranks of a woman in the Iban community. By relying on the use of the colours, design and skills, the Pua Kumbu makes a woman visible to the community, helping to raise her rank among their society back then. The well-woven Pua Kumbu not only demonstrates her knowledge and skills but also symbolises the aspects of her true self.

At present days, Pua Kumbu is still worn as part of their Traditional Costume and usually worn during festivals. The newly woven, comes in various styles & sizes – makes wonderful wall hanging, runners, shawls as well as furniture coverings. To make them more interesting, the weavers has started to use chemical dyes as well as the natural dyes to add more colours to the Pua Kumbu.

Approx. size:

  • Length – 142cm
  • Width – 49cm

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