Nguni Hide 74

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Size: Approx. 250cm x 200cm

Nguni Cattle can only be found in South Africa & Botswana, had been farmed by the Zulu people in Africa for thousand of years. These incredible creature are the favourite breed amongst milk & meat producers because of their high fertility & resistance to diseases. Nguni Cattle could possibly be the most beautiful cattle in the world, characterized by their multi-coloured skin & black nose.

Stunning Black speckles embedded in White hide. Highly functional & decorative and make a beautiful floor mats, furniture coverings as well as wall hangings. There is no maintenance needed, just vacuum them on low probably twice a week (whenever needed).

Please take note that sizes, colours & patterns may slightly vary from the picture & description given. This is because no two Nguni Skins are the same, each one being unique & individual.

For every purchase, all the relevant paperwork will be included as your copy accordingly for your receiving purposes.

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