Nguni Hide 57

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Approx. Size: 199cm (Head To Tail) X 173.5cm (Left To Right Leg)

Nguni Cattle can only be found in South Africa & Botswana, had been farmed by the Zulu people in Africa for thousand of years. These incredible creature are the favourite breed amongst milk & meat producers because of their high fertility & resistance to diseases. Nguni Cattle could possibly be the most beautiful cattle in the world, characterized by their multi-coloured skin & black nose.

Another distinctive Black & White stunning Nguni Cattle Hide/Rug/Skin with mild Browns shades. White speckles are scattered around the head, legs and more around the bottom area of the hide. Some natural scars are visible around the left upper leg and one scar on the right side of the lower body. Medium long-haired, longer hair along the spine. As this is a natural skin, the creases are noticeable because the skin has been folded for our storage purposes. The creases will disappear and the skin will lay flat on the floor after a week or so. Highly functional, durable & decorative and make a beautiful floor mats, furniture coverings as well as wall hangings. There is no maintenance needed, just vacuum them on low probably twice a week (whenever needed).

You will get the exact hide as shown on pictures. Product’s colours may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor/screen settings

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