Dayak Shield (K68)

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One from our private collection. In former days, a shield or locally known as Terabai was essential to the Dayak people of Borneo. It was used to protect their warriors from the enemy’s spear, blowpipe’s darts or sword in any combat. The designs on the shield were believed to increase his zest and courage in fighting. However, this again depends on individual luck. There are instances when designs cannot be of assistance. Beliefs apart, a beautifully-decorated shield has always been a source of pride to the owner.

This shield was intricately carved out of a single piece of lightwood including the handle, unlike many others where the handles are normally crafted with different piece of wood. The carving motifs contains numerous Chunggit (Tips of Thorns) design on both top and bottom of the shield. While the main feature is obviously the center part of the shield, called Pala Antu Gerasi (Giant’s Head) design or sometime known as Pala Numbing (Mask Head) design.

Excellent piece and a must have Dayak shield for fellow collectors, truly exceptional craftmanship! Would look wonderful on any wall in your lovely home or office. Visible signs of wear and tear but still in an excellent condition. Fumigation/Treatment of the wood certificate will be included as your copy for your receiving purposes.

Approx. Size:
Height 99cm
Width 26cm
Height of Handle 3.5cm
Weight 0.8kg

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