Dayak Orang Ulu Kayan Figure (U298)

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Impressive work of arts carved by a master carver of Borneo. Carved out of Ironwood, the carving details are extraordinary, portrayed a fine Kayan woman with their natural beauty. The carver is trying to preserve the vanishing historical tradition of having Long Ears of which symbolize the women’s origin of tribes, history, beauty, bravery, pride, status and luring men for marriage.

The Kayan tribe are the largest of the Orang Ulu groups, living mainly in the Upper Rejang and Upper Baram river areas in Sarawak. With many more over the border in Central and Eastern Kalimantan of Borneo.

Perfect addition to your collection, would look stunning on any shelf in your lovely home. Fumigation/Treatment of the wood certificate will be included as your copy for your receiving purposes.

Approx. Size:
Height 27cm
Length 10cm
Width 9.5cm
Weight 0.8kg (Excluding Packing)

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