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In the old days, the longhouse blowpipe, locally known as Sumpit, handcrafted by the Dayak people of Borneo was not only for decor but also as a functional weapon – with the craftsman holding special social status as the pride of the community. Used as an aid to track through the rainforest, and as a hunting tool for live food such as squirrels, wild boar and birds.

Traditionally, a blowpipe would take three to four months or longer to make using very primitive methods of ‘plain drill and jungle scaffolding’. The blowpipe is perforated by means of a long metal rod with a chisel-shaped bit. The craftsman chooses a good ironwood such as Belian with a dark colour. Some blowpipe makers even build a hut just to get their work done in isolation and solitude. Crafted usually around seven feet long with a metal or wood spear tied with rattan at one end. The dart is inserted at the other end, using the spear to point to the target. Some blowpipes are shorter, two feet in length mainly used for short distance shooting.

From time to time, water is poured into the hole to float out wood chips. The pipe is trimmed and whittled to a diameter of about 5cm after the drilling is completed. Then the finished weapon is polished with a tough-grained, slightly waxy leaf. The bore of the blowpipe is very slightly curved to compensate for the weight of the weapon in use as it is horizontally held. The bore is polished by means of pulling lengths of rattan through it.

An experienced hunter can accurately hit his target at marvellous speed with a single blow at one end of the blowpipe. As quoted by the carver, “a hand-made blowpipe is still the weapon of one’s Dayak heart’s desire”.

This particular blowpipe was handcrafted from one piece of Belian (Ironwood). The spear (on top end of the blowpipe) is made of metal and rusty due to the age, attached to the body of the blowpipe with beautifully woven rattan fibres.

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Approx. Size:
Height 197cm
Diameter 2cm (Bottom of Blowpipe)
Weight 0.7kg (Excluding Packing)

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