Dayak Iban Carrier/Basket (K136)

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This wonderful tall carrier weaved by the Dayak Iban of Borneo is locally known as Lanji’. Mainly used as paddy carriers, it also generally used to carry large items. In Dayak Iban culture, their baskets that are close associated with rice cult are always considered as objects of prestige.

During the harvest time, those paddy that has been harvested are gathered on weaved mats at one sacred spot. Then all this paddy will be emptied into this Lanji’ that can carry up to 55kg of weights. Their four uprights of wood or rattan are set at the bottom corners and at the rim while the bark slings being secured at the middle and lower parts of the posts.

Competitions are commonly organized between men to see who can carry the heaviest Lanji’ back to the longhouse. On arrival, they will be greeted by the womenfolk with rice wine to mark the end of a hard day work.

Visible signs of wear and tear but still in an excellent condition in reflects to it’s age. Would make a perfect addition to your collection as well as fits in nicely as part of home d├ęcor.

Approx. Size:
Height 96cm
Length 28cm
Diameter 30cm
Weight 2.1kg

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