Betel/Areca Nuts Box (K32)

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A surviving traditions, Betel Nuts or also known as Areca Nuts chewing has traditionally played an important role in social customs, religious practices and cultural rituals among the indigenous groups in Borneo. They are also commonly used among the natives to calm muscle or joint pain in adult and stomach upset among children. On top of that, Betel Nuts and Leaves play an important role in animistic rites and ceremonies among the Dayaks. Together with tobacco, eggs and rice, betel nuts and betel leaves are presented to the spirits during ritual ceremonies.

This particular Betel Nuts or Areca Nuts box came from a longhouse of the Dayak Iban of Borneo, approximate aged at 60 years old or more. Made out of Brass, carved intricately with interesting motifs. Note that there is a small chip on the bottom left of the lid and also missing pin on the right side of the lid that joints the lid to the main compartment of the box, however the lid still closes tightly. Almost unnoticeable.

Approx. Size:
Height 8cm
Length 25.5cm
Width 13.5cm
Weight 1.8kg

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