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This special book is known as a Book of Definity (Magic Book) or locally known as Pustaha. Written and composed by a Toba Batak magician-priest, known as the Datu (or sometimes the Guru) of North Sumatra, Indonesia. The Datu would use this book as a guidance for him and his students for all kind of knowledge in relation to magic, rituals, prescriptions, and divination. Written in Batak script using an ancient language style known as the Hata Poda. The contains covers magicals formulas, divinations, recipes and laws.

A Pustaha consists of two hardcovers (Lampak) and pages made of softened tree bark (Laklak) for the writings. The hardcover is usually carved with motifs of an ilik, a gecko which represents the deity Boraspati ni Tano, a beneficial earth deity of the Toba Batak people. The pages are made of the bark of the Alim tree or the Agarwood (Aquilaria malaccensis). The bark then softened in rice water, folded and secured between the two hardcovers.

This Pustaha will definitely makes a good addition to your collection.

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Width 11cm
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