Dayak Medicine Carrier (BA15)

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This medicine carrier or sometime known as magic carrier, is beautifully carved by the Dayak people of Borneo. Once used to carry various kind of medicinal purpose items that could only be handled by Shaman/Witch Doctor/Midwife. Carved out of Ironwood with remarkably fine craftmanship. A mythological creature carved on the center front was absolutely beautiful. The carrier lid also carved with similar figure but smaller in size. Attached to the back are two magic charms sitting on hunkered position. The braided rattan straps are weaved perfectly and attached onto the side and also the back of the carrier. The straps are still strong and in a very good condition in reflect to it’s old age.

Approx. Size:
Height 44.5cm
Length 32cm
Width 19cm
Weight 2.9kg (Excluding Packing)

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