Ceramic Bottle (B923)

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Nice piece of a Celadon Ceramic from Thailand. The term “Celadon” is taken from the French language. Classified as a Stoneware that has been glazed with wood ashes, combined with the surface soil collected from rice paddies. Distinctive of the Celadon style of ceramics, beautiful and timeless.

With prior knowledge in the classic manufacturing process of traditional pottery, the glaze is produced from combining the ashes of laurel wood – a plant in the Combretaceae family – with the surface soil of rice paddies, well noted for its high iron content. Traditionally, in order for the ash-glazing process to produce a beautiful glossy coat, many layers of the glaze must be applied on to the product, causing a crazing effect in the glaze, which has become the distinctive feature of all recognized Celadon products.

Approx. Size

Height – 30.5cm

Diameter – 9cm

Weight – 1.2kg (Excluding Packing)


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