African Calabash Bowl

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The African calabash is product of a gourd plant. Normally, this gourd fruit has to be allowed time to mature before it is plucked hollowed out to remove the content mainly seeds. It is placed out in the sun to dry up. With time, the green color fades as it becomes hard. It is ready for use at this point. According to the history of the African calabash, this item is used by many communities. Today, for instance, the calabash is still used widely.

Originally, it was used as a food holder or to make musical instruments.  In the modern setting these African calabashes are used as home décor. They are still upheld as important; some traditional eating places entertain tourists by serving them native recipes in calabashes.  They are also bought for home use or for decoration.

The African calabash is one of the products that have been regarded as a planet saver. Once it breaks or become unusable, it can be disposed and it will decay naturally without polluting the soil. The history of the African calabash has truly ascertained that this is a valued product and it will always be in use across multiple cultures.

Approx. Size:
Diameter 40cm
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