Baga Snake Mask (A51(1))

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Originated from Ghana, this mask is linked to the python myth, this tall, colourful serpents are headdresses called Bansonyi. When used, they tower above a light framework that is carried on the head or shoulders of a dancer. The dancer is hidden beneath a shaggy raffia costume, which resembles a haystack. The dancer moves rapidly whilst shouting, shaking and twirling the structure. Two or three serpents sometimes engage in mock combat, representing village lineages.

The snake represents A-Mant-nga-Tshol (the master of medicine); the source of rivers; and the beginning and end of time.

Approx. Size:

Height – 57cm (Including Standee)
Length – 6.5cm
Width – 4cm
Weight – 0.3kg (Excluding Packing)

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