A Pair of Shiva’s Eyes Shells (U309)

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Widely known as Pacific Cat’s Eye, the Shiva’s Eye Shell has several significant uses or meanings. The name derived from the Hindu God, Shiva, the shell represents the Third Eye found in many depictions of the God.  More interestingly, legend suggests that Shiva’s Eye Shells are “Mermaids’ Money” and also considered as good luck charm to travelers and fishermen.

This pair comes with the stands, note that in reflects to it’s old age, one piece is cracked and fixed hence, adding more character to it. Ready to display in any parts of your lovely home or office.

Piece A
Approx. Size:
Height 24cm (Including Standee)
Length 6cm (Shell)
Width 2cm (Shell)

Piece B
Approx. Size:
Height 18.5cm (Including Standee)
Length 6cm (Shell)
Width 2cm (Shell)

Total Weight 0.7kg (Excluding Packing)

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