Sale! A40(1) – Songye Figure (1)

A40(1) – Very Old Songye (Bajimba) Figure

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This very old Songye Figure of Songye people of Democratic Republic of Congo adorned with additional magical properties such as horns, skins, teeth, hair, feathers, beads, tacks, cloth, etc. they gained their power not from the carver but from the Nganga (Spriritual Leader). Their carving was considered secondary to their power. Often too powerful to touch, they were moved with long sticks. Although protective, these are confrontational objects, with a warrior’s attitude. Many of the features show a relationship to the masks of the Kifwebe association.

Ready to display, at your lovely home, office or even your own private gallery.

Approx. Size:

Height – 99cm
Length – 20cm
Width – 23cm
Weight – 7.7kg (Excluding Packing)


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