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A26B – Tuareg Tent Post


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The Tuareg are a seminomadic people of Amazigh origin (also known as Berbers) who dwell in tents that can, along with their furnishings & possessions, be disassembled, packed & carried to their next destination. Continuing desertification of the Sahel has caused the Tuareg to move southward from Algeria into Mali, Burkina Faso & Niger as well as the northern regions of Ghana, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire & Benin.

Tuareg tents are made of arched wooden frames. Upright poles are used to build the tent, to support the tent wall mats & to hang leather bags & clothing. Each poles is carved from a single piece of wood. Intricately carved geometric patterns create a symmetrical design that is surmounted by a semi-circular panel topped with a finial which may be a solid or an openwork geometric shape.

Approx. Size:

Height – 102.5cm
Length – 19.5cm
Width – 4cm
Weight – 3kg (Excluding Packing)


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