About Us

Nguni Designs are extremely pleased to be the first company to import Nguni Cattle Floor Mats (Hides) into Malaysia from South Africa and Botswana. Genuine Nguni Floor Mats can only be imported from these countries.

Nguni Cattle have been farmed by the Zulu people in Africa for thousands of years. The cattles are very distinctive and unique as there are no two skins are the same, just like fingerprints. Nguni Cattle could possibly be the most beautiful cattle in the world. A fusion of indigenous and Indian cattle, the Nguni breed is known by its fertility and resistance to diseases, this making them the favourite breed amongst milk and meat producers of South Africa and Botswana. These incredible animals are characterized by their multi-coloured skin and black noses. To be more specific, they only come in three colours which are Black & Whites, Brown & Whites and Tri Colours (mixture of Black, Brown & White).

Nguni Hides are highly functional & decorative and make beautiful floor mats, furniture coverings as well as handbags and other décor items. These products will surely offer you never ending pursuit of quality, genuine, sustainability and reliability, the customers are assured of excellent products.

All our different species of animal hides including Nguni Hides and ancillary products are tanned under license by tanners in South Africa and conforms to all the export and import license and permits of both Malaysia and South Africa including the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Malaysian Department of Wildlife & National Park (Perhilitan) as well as Malaysian Quarantine & Inspection Services (MAQIS).

We are also specialized on intriguing wooden arts & artefacts from Borneo. Various selection on tribal arts that is unique & fascinating.

We do hope that you will enjoy your purchase for many years to come!